Garageboy's Dream Garage

Visiting Der Nürburgring
and the Swiss Alps
in 1999

Der Nürburgring, Germany
[The Entrance to the Track at the Nürburgring]
[Maneesh the Vegetarian Takes Revenge on a Bird with The Killer Alfa Romeo]

[Chet's 316i, Charles Vectra, and My 520i at Hotel Zurburg]
[Hotel Zurburg with Dr. James' Evo III Nearby]
[Mixing It Up with Motorcycles on the Ring (courtesy of John Firestone)]

[Relaxing After Meeting the Guardrail (courtesy of John Firestone)]]
[A Beautiful Henna E21 Hides outside Nürburg]

Italy and Switzerland
[Cristina Enjoys Italy While Steve Has a Laptop Moment]

[A Picture Perfect Postcard View of Locarno, Switzerland]

[The Park Surrounding Lake Maggiore in Locarno]
[Boats on Lake Maggiore in Locarno]
[The Swatch Car Blocks the Ferraris]

Ulm, Germany
[With Gebhard, Hildegard and Cristina in Ulm, Germany]

[Climbing the Church Tower of Ulm, Germany]
[The View of Ulm from the Church Tower]

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