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This section of my website is originally dedicated in loving memory to my late uncle Lawrence Kurtzberg, who was the first of my parents' generation to pass away.  Larry had a profound influence on his own family, but also was a very important part of my life while I was growing up. I can say with certainty that my interest in photography and my passion for cars is due in large part to his positive influences. His good-natured spirit continues to live on.  Many more friends and family have passed on since 1997. 

This page is re-dedicated to their memory.  Each one, in their own special way, touched my life in a very positive and loving way.  I miss them all and will continue to honor their memory.

The Bernstein Memorial Fund

[Photos of Garageboy - 6.26 K]

In the years since this site was launched, I've never been certain precisely what to put here.  But a visual cue always helps.  Homer will help you if you click on him.  But if that's not enough action for you, then click on this link for the 2004 Opening of Rose Hall  (big: 6MB) at Jazz at Lincoln Center (I'm in the second stand, next to Eddie).

Garageboy's Upcoming Concerts with the GVO: Click HERE!! (but send me email first)

Photos, photos, and more old photos! 

[Der Nürburgring and Switzerland]
[Ice Racing Victory]
[On the Farm in Salem, New York]

Personal History

And so, I violate my own privacy. I was born in New York City in the 60s.  After leaving New York at the ripe age of 17, I moved back at the riper age of 30. If, for some reason, you're trying to figure out which Steve Bernstein I am (since apparently there are thousands), I hope the information on this page helps to narrow it down for you... unless you're a criminal...

My Siblings

My siblings, Richard and Linda, got all the talent, and this section is devoted to their accomplishments.

Richard B. Bernstein is an accomplished historian and writer. He's also a fellow Stuyvesant Alumnus. Here is a list of only some of his published books:

I never thought I would write words like this, but my late sister, Linda Bernstein, was an incredibly talented artist.  She died in 2004 of cancer, and left the world many wonderful paintings and photographs that chronicled her life.  I helped her launch her website back in 1997, and she added many beautiful images to the site over the years. I will continue to use her website to promote her work, as I uncovered many treasures when I closed up her apartment.  In 2005/2006, you will start to see some of these images posted on her website: Please visit the site at Millennial Renaissance Imagery.

Photos of Travels and Friends

I have many photos from travels all over the world. Many of the older pictures were taken with a Pentax Spotmatic that I was fortunate enough to have for many years. It was older than me! I started using a Leica R4, and in 2004, finally purchased a digital camera, a Leica DigiLux.  I have some great spontaneous shots and videos with the new camera.

For other photos, visit:
  1. Ice Racing 2005 videos
  2. Tri-Marque Concours 2004
  3. July 4th with Linda, 2004
  4. Joe's Memorial Day Party 2004
  5. Visiting the Leviens 2004
  6. Grand Canyon Trip 2001
  7. Nürburgring and the Swiss Alps in 1999
  8. On the Farm in Salem, NY in 1999
  9. Ice Racing on Newfound Lake, New Hampshire in 1999
  10. Le Circuit Mont Tremblant and the Adirondacks 1998
  11. Colorado in 1996.


Here are just a few samples from my trip to Colorado in 1996. I visited Four Corners, and managed to see parts of all four states. Here are a few pictures of the sights. Oh, by the way, that's me on top of that rock. You might actually be able to see me in this one. During this trip, I used a friend's Nikon FM.
Colorado - 1996
[Monument Valley]
[Me at Canyon of the Gunnison on Top of Something]

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