Driving Tip of the Moment: The Trucker's Creed

Driving Tip of the Moment:
The Trucker's Creed

Many years ago, I heard of this thing called "The Trucker's Creed". Although I don't have a precise wording of this, you can get the idea.

"Every day I get into my vehicle could be my last. So from the moment I go through my driving checklist, until the moment I park the vehicle for the night, I will do my best to remember this. Every intersection, every stop light, every entrance or exit ramp, I will remember that the actions I take (or don't take) can cost me my life and the lives of those around me. As soon as I let my guard down, my life is at risk. I must never allow this to happen. Our lives are too important."
Of course, this takes on new meaning for drivers in the 90's. You can't be holding a portable phone -- if you have to be talking on the telephone, it must be a hands-free device. You can't be eating or drinking. If there are children in the car that require your attention, you must pull over before you can deal with them. Your life is too important to divert your attention while you're driving. Is it really worth the risk to do otherwise?

Think about this tomorrow when you get in the car for that daily commute. After awhile, you may find it'll become subconscious.

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