Driving Tip of the Moment: Breaking Bad Habits

Driving Tip of the Moment:
Breaking Bad Habits

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Even the best race car drivers may develop bad street driving habits. Unless you're a full-time driving instructor, it's unlikely that you think about having a car accident. We all have developed some bad driving habits, and the first step towards improving our driving is being aware of the habits we've developed.

Sometimes we can have a bad habit and not realize it. Our goal is to stay alive. Our goal is to not hit anything or be hit by anything. How can we make this happen? Well, do you do things while driving that might endanger or annoy other cars on the road? Do you turn your head when you change lanes? Stop behind the crosswalk at a traffic light? Are the kids in their seatbelts? If it's nighttime or if it's raining, did you remember to turn your lights on?

Next time you drive, notice whether you wear your seatbelt, or how you hold the steering wheel, or whether you signal turns and lane changes. Thinking about safety might just save your life!

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