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This page was created to share some driving techniques I have learned over the years that have kept me alive. Mainly focused on driving in the United States of America, many of the techniques used were learned from driving hundreds of hours on the Autobahns of Germany and throughout most cities in northern and central Europe. Most of these tips are based on simple common sense and coincidentally are the law in most civilized countries. Practice them like a religion and you may be given the opportunity to live a long and happy life.

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What Car Should My Teen Drive?

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The Automotive Industry

This page will also focus on the automotive industry and how it has affected our lives. While I believe any large corporation will inherently become corrupt over time (BMW and Mercedes certainly have some nasty skeletons in their closet), I believe that the Big Three - GM, Chrysler, and Ford - have been particularly outstanding in their cynical, deceptive, and sometimes criminal behavior. In my opinion, Roger Smith, Lee Iacocca, and Henry Ford, Jr. should be serving on Death Row. They have all, in their own disgraceful displays of greed, sentenced many of their customers to the same fate. Their intentional disregard for safety has caused the deaths of more Americans than many a war criminal. The articles discussed below highlight some of this behavior I have observed since coming of age.

These articles are merely my opinions based on my personal observations. If you wish to challenge any of my assertions, I welcome it - please send me email. I hope you enjoy reading here.

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